Dutchman Chile is a family business that was created in 2019 as a response to the strong need for a transplanting, storage, growing, and reforestation service for larger trees. We strive to be an efficient and sustainable company, highly committed to the care and preservation of the environment, particularly our natural heritage.

The spirit of the Company is to protect and promote a new way of sustainable living, avoiding cutting down trees that can be saved, transporting them, and replanting them. We want to sow and spread environmental values to achieve a harmonious relationship between people and the natural environment.

We seek to promote a new culture and lifestyle, based on respect for nature in all its dimensions. Feeling love for the environment envolves teaching how to care for and preserve air, water, soil, flora and fauna.

Dutchman Chile does not only seek to provide a service of excellence. It also wants to be a useful company for society. A company that contributes to raising awareness of how important it is to safeguard biodiversity around each tree.

Dutchman Chile strives to position itself at the forefront of technology and sustainability with its services in the following areas: Tree Recovery, Substrates, Groves and Landscaping.

Dutchman Chile wants to be a company where all our suppliers, customers, and those who work with us, share this same passion.


Since our very beginning, the company has adhered to a Circular Economy. The new generations seek to connect with responsible, transparent companies that care for the environment, and really know what the new consumers want. We are very aware that our customers are looking to pay for the experience rather than paying for the product. Avoiding cutting down a large tree, that is useful somewhere else, generates a personal satisfaction that is far superior to that of any service. It is embracing a good cause, for the benefit of all.


Dutchman Chile is a company that is committed to a deep social responsibility. This is the reason why it has set itself the primary objective of creating an environment of greater territorial equality. For this reason, every month it will make its machinery and professionals available to design and build a public square, free of charge, in vulnerable sectors, partnering with companies in the district that maintain a square or a park for at least 3 years.


  • Pablo Longueira Montes, Civil Industrial Engineer Universidad de Chile, and former Ministry of Economy, Development, and Tourism
  • Marlin Tillaart, creator of the Tree Spades and Founder of Dutchman Industries Inc.
  • María Cecilia Brinkmann Estévez, Agricultural Engineer PUC
  • Tomás Longueira Brinkmann Commercial Engineer PUC, General Manager of Dutchman Chile SpA.

Dutchman Chile has obtained, exclusively for Chile, the representation of the machinery manufactured in Toronto, Canada, by Dutchman Industries Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of Tree Spades.

Through its services, Dutchman Tree Recovery seeks to be a pioneer in the field of large tree transplants, bringing the best technology in the world to Chile. To this end, it has a set of Tree Spade s of different sizes, which allows us to provide transplanting services according to the size and weight of each tree.

Likewise, we count on the machinery to operate these Tree Spades, according to their weight: Tractor, Mini Caterpillar Loader, and Front Loader. In the near future, we will have a truck with a 100″ Tree Spade.

Dutchman Tree Recovery was created to avoid, as far as possible, the cutting of larger trees as a result of real estate projects, which is compensated for by installing small plants at a high cost. Our aim is, instead, to save as many trees as possible. Similarly, it aims to recover all those parks and gardens where a house will be demolished to make way for a building, even an individual tree, which for various reasons its owner wishes to cut down.

Finally, Dutchman Tree Recovery gives added value to any project. It is not the same to deliver a real estate project or an industrial plant with a landscape adorned with large, well-formed trees, to one provided with growing trees. Recovering large, healthy trees is a good cause. This way, we make a difference in the natural development of the trees, extending the green lungs of the city and generating an important benefit both for the environment and the community that lives there.

Dutchman Substrates puts on the market the best organic soil from the Substrate of Plant Origin.

Dutchman’s organic soil is one of the best composts in its category. It has one of the highest organic matter rates in the Chilean market, exceeding 45%, with a high content of Organic Carbon (25.8%), Nitrogen (2.12%) with a Carbon/Nitrogen (C/N) ratio of 12.2%.

Also, it has the highest rates of Total Phosphorus (P2O5) 2.7%, Total Potassium (K2O) 2.2%, Total Calcium (CaO) 8.5%, Total Magnesium (MgO) 0.9%, Total Boron (B) 70 mg/kg, Total Zinc (Zn) 156 mg/kg.

Therefore, Dutchman Substrates enriches the soil with high quality nutrients, improves its aeration by activating root development, and increases water retention.

This organic soil, which substantially improves the quality of the soil, will be marketed in bulk for agriculture, in maxi-bags of 200, 500 and 1,000 liters for gardens and landscaping. Packaged in bags of 6, 15 and 40 liters, it will be offered to the general public.

Dutchman Groves is the place where trees recovered by Dutchman Tree Recovery are stored, and protected by rigorous care. In these real showrooms, large trees can be purchased to be permanently replanted anywhere, or even leased for Christmas, marriages, or other social events.

At these exhibition sites, landscape professionals, nature lovers, and general public will also be able to find a great diversity of large native and ornamental species for the design of their projects.

Dutchman Groves is a space focused on promoting consolidated species, authentic natural monuments, trees that are part of the heritage of our city, inviting everyone to be interested and committed to the care of our natural environment, creating awareness of its essential importance.

Dutchman Landscaping is other service provided by Dutchman Chile.

The rescue of large trees and their relocation require a good professional advice: especially, the design of parks or gardens and their maintenance.

For this purpose, Dutchman Chile counts on professional technicians headed by the Agricultural and Landscape Engineer, María Cecilia Brinkmann Estévez, with a long career and vast experience.

Dutchman Landscaping provides the most appropriate advice for the recovery, transfer, and replanting of a tree to be done in the best conditions. The design of a park or garden, as well as its maintenance, makes the natural heritage and scenic beauty totally different if it is done with the support of efficient professionals.

Dutchman Chile not only seeks to save large trees from being cut down, but they also display their beauty, strength, and usefulness in a new park or garden to the full. This task is entrusted to Dutchman Landscaping.

Due to water is an increasingly scarce natural resource, Dutchman Landscaping also offers advice on the design of parks and gardens, and their maintenance, to give the best use to that important resource, suggesting the varieties of trees and plants best suited to local conditions.